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About us

sabryeros1Rosanna Bartilotti and Sabrina Arena a long friendship, that has lasted for 17 years and thanks to their mutual passion for art it has also established on a professional level.

From this union was born the project “A Spasso con gli Artisti”, which sees them involved in the field of exclusive fashion, creating clothes and accessories hand-painted with special attention to the bag in which they promise a personal interpretation of the great classics of the history of ‘art without forgetting, also, the tribute to their land and its popular culture.

The selection, and also the realization paintings, strictly hand-painted, are cared for by the same creators of the brand.    The brushwork on canvas depicting a triskelion, a brand that wants to honor the first of all its land, Sicily, and at the same time remember a detail of a painting by Klimt “The lady with the fan”, chosen for the realization of the first bag painted.

The devotion to their work, the quality of the raw material used, derived exclusively from Italian companies, the attention to details, make “A Spasso with the Artists” a brand of excellence in the world of hand-painted accessories, aimed at women class, impassioned by art in all its facets and who like to wear unique and precious garments, creating his own style.

Our Staff


She loves the colors, she smiles of life, dreams and realizes at the same time.


She loves painting, loves poetry, and she is happy whenever he made a bag.

Our creations

Let out your concerns, get carried away by our creations. Enjoy it.


Our mission is to combine the art with the fashion, painting always with great passion and that’s what makes us different.


We paint works of great artists to take “walking” always with you, hand-painted one by one. This amuses us, thrills us and charms us.


Bags, shoes, accessories, dresses, all entirely hand-painted with the idea to bring artworks walking to donate to those who wear them, unicity and style.


All our products are unique because completely handmade painted by us, in order to offer you original and unique style.


We love what we do, celebrating the creative artistic geniuses in the trendy of everyday life.

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